Swiftkey is Free!!

One of the best Android keyboards to date is now free on Android. This comes on the heels of Apple’s announcement at WWDC 2014 that iOS 8 would bring support for third party keyboards. Instead of charging for the keyboard, the six year old company will be offering keyboard themes for $0.99 a piece and bundles of themes for $4.99. For users that paid for the keyboard in the past, you will bet a free $4.99 bundle. New users will also get three keyboard themes for free.

The company thinks that making it free is the best way to get more people to use their app. I think they’re right. The company already has such a big following on Android that the move makes sense. Swiftkey specifically stated that the keyboard is free on Google Play, possibly hinting that it will not be free when it hits iOS 8. However, that shouldn’t be a deal breaker for iPhone users, as I paid for the app originally and it was worth it. The keyboard provides some of the best  word prediction and Swiftkey Flow allows you to drag your finger to connect the different letters in a word or in multiple words. The only problem I have with Swiftkey is that it doesn’t like when I try to spell curse words. The only keyboard I’ve found that is fine with curse words is Minuum.


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