Snapseed, CloudMagic & Box

free on Android & iOS
Snapseed is an advanced photo-editing app created by newly Google-owned Nik Software.My favorite feature is Selective Adjust, which allows you to change the brightness, contrast and saturation of specific parts of a picture. Other features include Tune Image, Straighten, Crop, Details, four filters each with multiple variations, Center Focus, Frames and Tilt-Shift.

free on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Chrome OS, Windows 8, Kindle Fire and Web (Extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer)
Cloudmagic allows you to quickly search through all of your online services. You can connect your Google Account (Gmail, Google Chat, Google Drive, and Google Apps), Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox,, Evernote, Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo Mail,, SkyDrive, Windows Account (Hotmail, MSN, and Windows Live), Microsoft Office 365, iCloud, Aol,, and GMX. The service is extremely fast and is even faster then the proprietary Google Search on my phone. You can also download the extension, which provides three cool services: a toolbar shortcut, a collapsable floating search bar in Gmail and Google Drive, and integration with Google Search. While searching on Google, relevant Cloudmagic results are displayed to the right of Google search results.

Google Play link   iTunes link


freemium on Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8, Blackberry, Chrome, & Web
Cloud storage company offers 5GB free with the creation of a new account. Box includes automatic computer to cloud sync, so specific local files are always backed up to the cloud. You can also access those files from the web and all your mobile devices. It also offers Box Edit, which allows you to edit in Word stored on Box and save directly to box. If you have an Android phone, download FolderSync and you can automatically back up folder contents from your phone (pictures, videos, downloads, etc.) to your box account (and many other cloud storage services!).

Google Play link     iTunes link


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